High Capacity

An in-house shredding program based around Destroyit® High Capacity shredders is the most secure and cost effective way of disposing large quantities of sensitive documents. When you hand over documents to an outside service, you relinquish control of your data security. Shred services are also a never-ending expense which will only increase over time.

Destroyit High Capacity model shredders offer optimum solutions for super high volume data destruction. The entry level model 4605 is equipped with a handy feed hopper which allows the user to empty the contents of entire paper bins, including crumpled paper, directly into the shredder. The 4107 and 5009 have powered conveyors which facilitate the fast and efficient feeding of large quantities of documents. The 5009 has an astounding 600 plus sheet capacity and will shred hard bound documents and 3-ring binders.

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